The Avett Brothers - The Third Gleam (Indie Exclusive LP)

The Avett Brothers - The Third Gleam (Indie Exclusive LP)


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The Third Gleam marks a return to The Avett Brothers' roots, both sonically and with Seth & Scott playing as a trio with longtime bassist Bob Crawford. The eight tracks capture their personal experiences and perspectives on undeniably timely, universal themes: isolation, gun violence, incarceration, historical prejudice, mortality, resilience, love, hope, redemption.

12 years in the making, this is the third installment of the ongoing Gleam series.

Indie 180-gram LP includes a poster and a band letter insert.

The Third Gleam
01. Victory
02. I Should’ve Spent The Day With My Family
03. Prison To Heaven
04. Back Into The Light
05. Women Like You
06. Untitled #4
07. I Go To My Heart
08. The Fire