Old 97’s - Twelfth (Texas Edition)


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exas Edition / Limited to 2000 copies

Foil board LP jacket / white+silver marble vinyl

Side 1: 
1. The Dropouts
2. This House Got Ghosts
3. Turn Off The TV
4. I Like You Better
5. Happy Hour
6. Belmont Hotel

Side 2:
1. Confessional Boxing
2. Diamonds On Neptune
3. Our Year
4. Bottle Rocket Baby
5. Absence (What We’ve Got)
6. Why Don’t We Ever Say We’re Sorry


Old 97’s return with Twelfth, their aptly titled 12th studio album, recorded this spring in Nashville, Tennessee between a tornado and a pandemic. 2016's Graveyard Whistling took the 97's to new heights lead by the single "Good With God" - a bona-fide hit at non-commercial radio. Twelfth's lead single "Turn Off The TV" might be the unintentional anthem of 2020, celebrating the occasional and necessary need to turn off the TV set and tune out the outside world.

The “Texas Edition” is pressed on silver/white swirl vinyl with a shiny foil-board LP jacket. Limited to 2,000 copies and available from Texas retailers only.