Rhiannon Giddens - They're Calling Me Home

Rhiannon Giddens - They're Calling Me Home


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Vinyl LP pressing. Rhiannon Giddens' 2021 album They're Calling Me Home, recorded with Italian multi-instrumentalist Francesco Turrisi. Giddens and Turrisi, who both live in Ireland when they aren't on tour, have been there since March 2020 due to the pandemic. The two expats found themselves drawn to the music of their native and adoptive countries of America, Italy, and Ireland during lockdown. Exploring the emotions brought up by the moment, Giddens and Turrisi decamped to Hellfire, a small studio on a working farm outside of Dublin, to record these songs over six days. The result is They're Calling Me Home, a twelve-track album that speaks of the longing for the comfort of home as well as the metaphorical "call home" of death, which has been a tragic reality for so many during the COVID-19 crisis.


  • 1 Calling Me Home (With Francesco Turrisi)
  • 2 Avalon
  • 3 Si Dolce È'l Tormento
  • 4 I Shall Not Be Moved
  • 5 Black As Crow
  • 6 O Death

  • 7 Niwel Goes to Town
  • 8 When I Was in My Prime
  • 9 Waterbound
  • 10 Bully for You
  • 11 Nenna Nenna
  • 12 Amazing Grace