Fruit Bats - Sometimes A Cloud Is Just A Cloud: Slow Growers, Sleeper Hits and Lost Songs (2001–2021) [Pink-In-Violet Color Vinyl] {PRE-ORDER


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Thoughtfully compiled by bandleader Eric D. Johnson (also of Bonny Light Horseman), this 2-LP collection is split in two distinct halves. The first disc, set in reverse chronological order, cherry-picks from Fruit Bats' grand catalog of folk/pop earworms. Fan favorites from Johnson's most celebrated albums, like 2011's The Tripper, 2016's Absolute Loser and as current as 2019's Gold Past Life, are compiled into a perfectly arranged introduction to the timeless pop sounds of Fruit Bats. The second disc is a deeper dive into the FB world with demos, live recordings, previously unreleased tracks & new material from Johnson & Co (the "co" here being a slew of accomplished musicians that occasionally includes names like the late Richard Swift, Josh Kaufman (Bonny Light Horseman) and even legendary Dinosaur Jr. leader J. Mascis!).

Side A
1 Rips Me Up
2 The Bottom of It
3 Cazadera
4 Humbug Mountain Song
5 Absolute Loser
6 The Rock Doc

Side B
7 You're Too Weird
8 Flamingo 
9 Born in the 70s (live)
10 When U Love Somebody (Live at Spacebomb)
11 Glass in Your Feet

Side C
12 Without Any Airs
13 Barely Living Room (Demo)
14 Baby Bluebird (Waltz Demo)
15 Hot Dogs
17 When the Stars Are Out
18 Aces #

Side D
19 The Joker (Steve Miller Band cover)
20 Feather Bed (Demo)
21 Goodnight Sun & Hello Moon
22 Rainbow Sign (4-track Demo)
23 The Old Black Hole (4-track Demo)