Cindytalk - Wappinschaw (Limited Edition of 400 on Red in Clear Vinyl)

Cindytalk - Wappinschaw (Limited Edition of 400 on Red in Clear Vinyl)


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The ambitious fourth album, Wappinschaw, was inspired by Scotland and its struggle for independence. At the time of its recording, Cinder was attempting to leave London. But as much as “ideas of homecoming were percolating,” there remained old ghosts to exorcise, culminating in Wappinschaw’s heady, harrowing voyage: “An invocation of spirits of resistance – as much a declaration of war as a declaration of love.”

The title refers to an archaic Scottish battle inspection, during which clan chieftains surveyed their group’s weapons to ensure they were ready for combat. Opening with an aching vocal rendition of British folk standard The First Time Ever (I Saw Your Face), the album surges into A Song Of Changes. The mood fragments into feverish dirge, pensive spirituals, noir abstraction, spoken word, bagpipe drone, and apocalyptic post-punk. Cinder describes the creation of Wappinschaw as a “precarious” process, composed from “scraps” with abruptly shifting personnel, a situation compounded by the impending dissolution of Midnight Music.

- A -

1. The First Time Ever
2. A Song Of Changes
3. Empty Hand
4. Return To Pain
5. Wheesht
6. Snowkisss

- B -

7. Secrets And Falling
8. Disappear
9. Träumlose Nachte
10. And Now In Sunshine
11. Prince Of Lies
12. Hush
13. Muster