Dawes - August 13, 2018 at Live From The Astroturf at Good Records

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We have been blessed at Good Records with a lot of repeat offenders that grace our stage on multiple occasions. Dawes is one those bands.  We had the honor of hosting them twice.  The first was March 18, 2013 and the second being August 13, 2018 from which this recording comes from.  This was an extra special day as the band was in town opening for Jeff Lynne's ELO that night and Passwords had only been out for a couple of months.  The guys in Dawes are huge supporters of record stores which is evident by them taking the time to play the astroturf when they would be opening a huge arena show later that night.  This was an appetizer for when the band returned later in November 2018 for a headline show at the Bomb Factory.  David R. Wilson loving recorded and mixed these 5 songs.  The first four are the whole band with the fifth being Taylor by himself.  Enjoy and thanks for donating/supporting Good Records & Dawes.
From the "Live From The Astroturf" Vault!
Stay Down
Feed The Fire
Crack The Case
Never Gonna Say Goodbye
Time Flies Either Way